What is a Residential Care Home?

A Residential Care Home is a home in a regular neighborhood which has been modified with safety devices to meet state regulations, which allow elderly residents to live in the home.  After completing the licensure process and after meeting all state regulations, the house becomes a Residential Care Home licensed by the state of Texas.

Facility vs. Residential Care Home

A Residential Care Home will have fewer people in the environment, resulting in a homelike setting which possesses a tranquil environment.  This is critical in the more advance stages of Alzheimer’s.
People with Alzheimer’s/Dementia typically stay healthier in a smaller environment because they have direct contact with the certified nursing assistants and have the ability to know the individuals on a personal level.  A personal touch means the world to someone who can no longer provide simple daily tasks.  The residents at a residential care home can participate in daily activities, like cooking, gardening, cleaning a home; whereas a large facility this type of activity is not an option or not allowed.